How to Factory Reset an Onn Tablet? (2023 Guide)

In this article, I will give you a definitive guide on how to factory reset an Onn tablet.

We’ve all had that experience. Your tablet experiences a mysterious decline in performance. It hangs, and you’re unable to take any action. Alternatively, you may wish to erase everything on the device and save some memory, which is why a reset is a good option so it can work as if it were its first day.

If you are an Onn tablet owner then this article is meant for you. I will show you how you can do both: soft reset and hard reset for your device.

How to do a hard reset on the Onn tablet?

Step 1: Press and hold down the Power key and Volume key at the same time. If you are already logged in there’s no factory reset protection.

Step 2: When you see the “Select boot mode” caption on the screen release the Power button

Step 3: You will see 3 options on your screen: Recovery mode, Fast boot & Normal. Make sure you pick the Recovery one and press the “Volume down” button once to select it.

Step 4: Wait for 10 to 40 seconds for the Reset menu to show.

Step 5: Go down to “Wipe data/factory data reset” and confirm to reset Onn tablet. Remember that this will reboot system completely and all the data from your tablet will be deleted.

How to do a soft reset on the Onn tablet?

Since it’s just a regular android tablet the process won’t be much different from any other android device. Just hold a Power button for a few seconds so the device turns off and after that just turn it on again

What is soft reset?

A soft reset clears the memory of a device and restarts it. On tablets with physical buttons, this is usually achieved by holding down the power button and the home button at the same time. On tablets with on-screen buttons, this is usually achieved by pressing and holding the power button until a menu appears, then tapping “Restart” or “Reboot.”

A soft reset is useful when an app or game is frozen and you can’t close it normally. It also fixes other minor issues like screen flickering or constant reloading of web pages. In most cases, a soft reset won’t delete any data or settings except for any apps that were actively running when you did the reset.

What is a hard reset?

A hard reset is a means of restarting a tablet by completely clearing its memory and restoring factory settings.

This can be done in response to problems with the device, or simply as a way of returning it to its original state. It’s important to note that doing a hard reset will erase all data on the device – so be sure to back up any important files before proceeding.

Some Questions You May Have

Where is the reset button on an Onn tablet?

There’s no reset button on an Onn tablet, however, if you want to do a hard reset please push and hold the “Power” and the “Volume up” buttons for a few seconds.

How do I restore my tablet to factory settings?

There are a few ways to do a tablet factory reset, but the most common way is to hold down the power button and the Volume up button at the same time until the device restarts.

From there, you’ll need to navigate through the settings menu and find the option that says “Wipe data/factory reset.” Tap on that option and then follow the on-screen instructions. Be sure to back up your data before doing this, as it will be erased when you reset the tablet

How do you reset an Onn tablet if you forgot the password?

There are a few ways to reset a tablet if you forgot the password. One way is to use the “Forgot Password” tool that is usually available on the login screen. Another way is to try to enter incorrect passwords until you get a message that says that your login attempt has failed too many times and asks if you want to reset your password. Finally, you could try contacting the device manufacturer or the company from which you purchased the tablet for help.


The article explains how to factory reset an Onn tablet, in case you experience any problems with it or want to return it to its original state. It also provides information on what a hard reset and a soft reset are, and what they do.

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