What to Do When Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to WiFi Network?

Kindle Fire is an excellent tablet for people who want a reliable tablet on a low budget. Book readers are often seen raving about the device.

The Fire is a fully functioning tablet device. It is used not just for reading books but also for watching videos, browsing the internet, running other applications, and so much more. These tablets are relatively affordable considering the build quality and value-for-money performance.

But, no matter which version of the Kindle Fire you use, it can face some network issues. From having issues with the router or the device itself, it’s quite a challenge to fix the connectivity issues.

So, keep reading to know more about what to do when Kindle Fire won’t connect to WiFi  

Why You Can’t Connect Kindle Fire to WiFi Router?

It is normal for users to face trouble connecting Kindle Fire to a WiFi network. Before you try to connect it to WiFi, try to understand the reasons behind the problem.

There are some possible reasons why your Kindle Fire is unable to connect with WiFi. Let us explore these reasons before getting into the troubleshooting steps.

Airplane Mode

Like any other tablet or smartphone device, the Kindle Fire comes with a flight mode. When the airplane mode is on, all the connectivity feature of the device is disabled. You will not be able to connect the Kindle Fire to any WiFi router no matter how much you try.

It is possible to turn on airplane mode without realizing it. So, pull down the notification bar of your tablet and check whether the airplane mode is on or off.

If it is turned on, you’ll see the plane icon lighting up. Turn it off and then connect the device to a WiFi network again.

Check the WiFi Connectivity Issue

If the device refuses to respond to the WiFi network connection even after it’s not connected with airplane mode, you should check the WiFi network itself. Since WiFi is a wireless connectivity system, you need a username and password to connect any device to the WiFi.

You will be unable to connect any device to the wireless router if you don’t know the WiFi password or if you put in the wrong password. Tap on the WiFi section of your tablet and select ‘forget network’ on the router name you are trying to connect it to.

Then turn on the WiFi setting and select your preferred network from the list of available connections. Make sure you put in the correct WiFi password while trying to connect to the Kindle Fire device.

Kindle Device is Out of Range

Wireless routers have a specific range for connecting devices remotely. If any device is out of that range, it won’t be easy to connect it to the router. In most cases, the router name will not even show up in the available networks section when you turn on the WiFi.

The required range for routers depends on the manufacturer, internet service provider, and signal strength. Your Kindle device should be within the required range to connect to the network.

Old Kindle Software

This kind of Kindle WiFi issue with network connectivity can occur when you have not used the Kindle Fire HD for a while.

The software version in your Kindle might be outdated. Old software often has bugs that can interfere with the system. Because of these bugs, you may encounter some problems while connecting to the WiFi.

Internet Connection

Instead of the router or WiFi password, the problem can lie with the internet connection itself.

You should check whether the internet connection is properly working or not. If the connection itself is not working or is too weak, then you will have issues trying to connect your Kindle device.

Try using other devices to connect to WiFi. There can be a WiFi issue with the router itself or the modem.

Both router and modem come together, but they have different tasks to fulfill. If one of them has problems, it is possible to face issues with the WiFi connection.

After connecting, you can also check the signal strength and speed on other devices. A weak signal is also a possible cause of WiFi connectivity issues.

Troubleshooting for Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to WiFi

Now that you know the possible reasons for the WiFi issue with your device, let us discuss how to solve them. There are some troubleshooting methods you can try out. Instead of giving up as soon as you hit a bump, try connecting your Kindle Fire by following these methods.

Restart the Kindle Device

Restarting the Kindle Fire can often resolve WiFi issues. When you restart a device, it clears the temporary memory. Sometimes, tablet devices might have bugs that interfere with WiFi connectivity.

By restarting the device, these bugs get cleared along with the short-term memory. When you restart the device, it will automatically find the nearest wireless router and connect to the network.

Hold the power button for around 30-40 seconds after pressing it to restart the Kindle. Wait until a box appears, which will ask if you wish to restart or shut down the device. Tap on the affirmative for the restart and wait for the power light to go off.

The screen will go blank for a while as the device restarts. If you cannot find a restart option, then just shut down the device. Then wait for some time to turn it back on by pressing and holding the power button.

After restarting the device, give it some time to load everything. Once the Kindle device is ready for use, then you can retry to connect to WiFi.

Restart WiFi Network

Instead of restarting the device, it helps to restart the WiFi setting. Scroll down the notification panel to find the WiFi setting. Tap on it to switch it off and wait a few moments.

Then switch the network back on and see if it finds the WiFi network. This simple technique is often effective in resolving WiFi connectivity issues.

You should also make sure that your WiFi network is discoverable by other devices. If the router refuses to connect with any device, it is probably not discoverable. Rebooting the router and modem often helps in this situation.

Restart the Router

If you can reach the router, then you should try restarting it. Sometimes, routers have a hard time connecting to the network set up by your internet service provider. Plug the router off and wait for a few minutes.

Also, try to find the cable that connects your router to the box brought by your service provider. See if you can disconnect the cable. Blow some air into the port after taking the cable out, or use a small brush to dust it off.

Dirt accumulation can hinder the connection sometimes. Once you are done, put the power cable back into the port and turn the router on.

Wait for the small LED lights on the router to stop blinking and for the LAN light to illuminate. Then try connecting your Kindle Fire to the WiFi.

Software Update

Amazon Fire tablets can give the users a hard time with some functions if the devices do not have the latest software version. So if all other methods fail, then make sure to check whether you have the latest device software or not.

Connect the Kindle with your computer for the newest software update and go to the update pages of Kindle software.

Put in your device model number and search for the latest software version. Once you download the file, move it to your Kindle and install it. After the file is installed and activated, restart your Kindle.

Then you can try connecting the device to the WiFi. If you cannot figure out how to connect the Kindle to a computer, then take it to the nearest service center. They will help download the latest software version.

Forget the WiFi Network

Your device shows that it’s connected to the internet, but you still don’t get access to your Kindle books or browse the internet.

What do you do then? You can strive to remove the WiFi network in the device’s system and reconnect it. That should help with the Kindle connection to WiFi, but there is no internet issue.

Go to the settings on your Kindle device and look for WiFi and Bluetooth under ‘all settings.’

Then, find the WiFi network your Kindle fire device is connected to and tap on ‘forget’ the network. Once you disconnect the device from the WiFi, try switching the WiFi option off and on again.

Then scan and find the network you wish to connect to. After finding it, tap on the network and put in the correct password.

Contact the Internet Service Provider

Routers are not always responsible for issues with the WiFi connection. If there is any problem with the broadband connection, your router will not have any internet. The best way to check this is to use multiple devices.

Connect several devices to the network and see if any of them connect to the internet. If all the devices fail to connect to the internet even after restarting the router, the issue is probably with the broadband connection.

In this case, there is nothing you can do to resolve the issue. Contact your internet service provider and notify them of the issue. They will fix it at the earliest. After they have fixed the connection, try to connect your Kindle device to the WiFi.

Factory Reset

It’s the last resort in our list of troubleshooting methods for why Kindle won’t connect to WiFi. A factory default setting might fix if all of the above options fail to connect your Kindle to the internet.

A factory default will wipe all the data from your Kindle. The device will be just like it was when you first purchased it. Any hidden bugs or viruses will get wiped out.

Most of the time, a factory reset can fix Kindle device connectivity issues. Since you will lose all your data, make sure you keep a backup of the important files.

Go to the settings option on your Kindle and look for a factory reset option. Once you click on it, they will show you a warning that will state how proceeding will wipe out all the data. Just tap ‘yes’ on it if you are certain about doing a factory reset.

Make sure your Kindle has enough battery life before proceeding with the reset. If the device shuts down in the middle of the reset, you will have to recharge the device and repeat the process.

It will take a while for the factory settings to take effect and restart. Do not try to use the device when it is in reset mode. After the Kindle restarts, set up everything once again and try to connect to WiFi.

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Get in contact with the Amazon Support Team

If all the troubleshooting tricks we mentioned above fail, you go for a factory reset. If that fails as well, then it is out of your hands. There is nothing more you can do to solve the network issue of your Kindle.

The ultimate solution is to get in touch with the support team at Amazon. You can call their customer support number, start a live chat on the website or send them an email.

They will take the device and run some tests. You will have to stay away from your Kindle for a while, but it is the only option left.

If your warranty period is not over yet, you might get a replacement of the device. Otherwise, the technical team will fix your Kindle after inspection and send you the bill.

Some Questions You May Have

Why Won’t My Kindle Fire Turn On?

If a Kindle Fire or other Kindle devices do not turn on even after you push the power button, there might be some problems. Make sure the battery is charged. Try to use a different power cord if you see no progress in battery life with the usual cord.

If the device still refuses to switch on, it is better to take it for repair. You might have to replace the battery. There can be other hardware or software issues interfering with the power.

How to Get My Kindle Paperwhite to Recognize My WiFi?

Turn on the WiFi from the notification panel or the settings. Then scan for available WiFi networks. Once you see the name of your router, tap on it and insert the correct password. If there is no other problem, the Kindle Paperwhite should connect to the WiFi network instantly.

Why does My Kindle Keep Showing ‘Network Error’?

Kindle device can show ‘network error’ when there is an issue with the network itself or the data cache storage. To fix this, try to restart the Kindle device. You can also turn your router off and turn it on again.

How to Fix an Unresponsive Kindle Device?

If your Kindle is unresponsive or has a frozen screen, try restarting it. Hold down the power button until a dialogue box appears or the screen turns blank. Then keep holding the power button for at least 30 seconds and then release. Your device will reboot after a while.

Final Words

There are many reasons why a Kindle Fire won’t connect to WiFi. If you plan to do troubleshooting by yourself, it might take a few attempts. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the connectivity issues. So, you may have to try a few different methods before seeing some success.

None of these troubleshooting techniques are complex. Take some time and try to fix the problem by going through the solutions.

Whether the problem is with the WiFi connection, or the Kindle software itself, you can find out after going through these solution techniques.

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