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Customers frequently complain about the Amazon Fire tablet disconnecting from their WiFi. They must turn it off and back on again, and wait if it connects back. But is there a genuine link between the device and the issue? Certainly not, and in this post, I’ll explain all possible reasons why your Amazon Fire Tablet might be losing its connection to WiFi.

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#1: It’s your Router!

First of all, if the Fire Tablet is working fine when using WiFi in public places with many different access points (Starbucks, library, etc.), but it’s losing wi fi connection when at home or when you know for sure your router is good and powerful enough to cover a large area, then this may be a problem related to your router.  

The Fire Tablet automatically picks a WiFi network to connect, and it generally does a pretty good job at that. If your router is 2 floors down in the basement, this may be too far from where you usually use your tablet for things to work properly. When you’re closer to the router, it’ll usually get back on track.

Secondly – if you rely on the router you were given from the Internet Provider you may be surprised as they are very often of poor quality and unable to support the full speed they advertise! If you have recently upgraded your connection, it’s possible that you are now getting more Mbps than ever before. This actually may be the reason why the WiFi is working better for other devices, but not for the Fire Tablet.

Last but not least – each router has its limitations of how many devices can be connected simultaneously. If you’re out of that limit (usually 5 or 10 devices in total), then this will affect the connection stability and speed.

#2: Dual Band WiFi Router

Some routers support 2.4 GHz and 5GHz at the same time (see the difference). If it’s the case please change wi fi password and make sure that both passwords are different so you only connect to the 5GHz one and your Amazon Fire Tablet is not switching between them.

Some routers support dual-band technologies. If you have a router that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz at the same time, make sure that both passwords are distinct so your Fire Tablet only connects to the 5GHz one and does not switch between them.

#3: It’s your Internet Service Provider!

In case you have a shared internet plan from your ISP, there may be times when too many users are downloading or uploading something at high speeds, which will result in your tablet not being able to remain connected.

#4: It’s your settings (Smart Suspend on Your Fire Tablet)

You have a few options for remaining connected if you go into your tablet’s settings. To help preserve battery life, I believe it disconnects after periods of inactivity. In order to prevent this from happening, do this:

According to Amazon The automatic Smart Suspend function is enabled by default and it can be adjusted from the settings.

  1. Select Power or Battery from the Settings menu.
  2. Switch Automatic Smart Suspend off.
  3. Select Scheduled Smart Suspend and enter your desired beginning and end times to establish a timetable.

#5: You own the older model of the Amazon Fire tablet!

The newest Fire Tablet models (i.e. 11 or kindle fire HD) have no issues bigger with internet connection according to public opinion. However, there are many forum threads saying that older versions of Fire Tablet (such as 5 or 7) keep dropping connection.

#6: You have software updates pending

In order to make sure that your Fire Tablet is able to connect with the WiFi, software updates should be completed. The Fire OS updates may download and install automatically, but you can check if it’s available for your model by going into the settings.

Here’s how:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Device Options or System Updates .

If an update is available for your Fire Tablet, you are prompted to download and install it.

#7: Bluetooth connectivity?

It might seem strange, but in many cases when using Bluetooth connectivity for headphones or speakers, it turns out that the Fire Tablet prefers to communicate with these devices rather than directly with the router itself. Sometimes, there may be a wifi connection problem with Bluetooth devices so it will automatically fall back to WiFi.

In order to fix this problem, you can try and turn off and on Bluetooth connectivity and see if your kindle fire device works better without it. If it does – you should probably get a new pair of headphones or speakers!

#8: It’s your Kids!

And finally, the worst – it might be kids playing games or video streaming on your WiFi. If their traffic has priority over other devices, they may cut off or reduce the bandwidth for other users at the same time, leading to lower internet speeds and unstable connections.

What can you do if your Fire Tablet Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

There are some cases where you can’t do anything but doing these things seem to be helping people the most:

  • Reset your router
  • Reset your device to factory settings (if it doesn’t help it may mean damaged wireless board)
  • Do any pending updates on your Operating System
  • Switch Automatic Smart Suspend off
  • If you have Dual Band WiFi Router make sure that you connect to 5GHz only

Some Questions You May Have

Why does my Amazon Fire keep losing Internet connection?

There could be many reasons why your Amazon Fire might be losing its wireless connection. One possibility is that your Fire is not in range of a wireless network or the signal is too weak. Another possibility is that the Fire’s internal antenna might be defective and need to be replaced.

Another possible reason for a loss of Internet connection on the Fire could be interference from another electronic device, such as a microwave oven, cordless phone, or baby monitor.

If there are other electronic devices in your home that use radio frequencies (RF), then you might want to try moving the Fire to another part of the house where there is less RF interference. You can also try disabling those devices temporarily to see if that helps resolve the issue with the Internet

Why does my tablet not stay connected to WiFi?

It’s possible that your tablet is not getting a strong enough signal. Check to see if there are any other devices using the same WiFi network and see if you can move closer to the router or modem.

It’s also possible that there is something wrong with your tablet’s WiFi antenna. You could try rebooting your tablet or checking to see if there is a software update available from the manufacturer. Finally, you could try purchasing a WiFi repeater/extender to give your tablet’s WiFi signal a boost.

Why does my Kindle keep disconnecting from WiFi?

It’s likely that your Kindle is not getting a strong enough WiFi signal. Try moving closer to your router or modem.

If you’re using a Kindle Fire, make sure that you’re in a place where there is adequate wireless coverage. If you continue to have problems connecting to WiFi, try restarting your Kindle and your home network devices.


The Kindle Fire device is a budget-friendly tablet that can be used for a variety of purposes. One common problem with the Amazon Fire Tablet is that it keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. There are several possible solutions to this problem. Hopefully one of them did work for you and you can enjoy your stable wifi connection.

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